Monday, March 8, 2010

Fr. Lenard Lessius, S.J., "This World Is Directed To That One End: Our Eternal Salvation."

God Our Salvation.
GOD is called Our Salvation, first, because He delivered us from eternal death. Nay, as far as in Him lies, He delivers all men and pays a most abundant ransom for them; sufficient to redeem an infinite number of sinners and efface an infinity of sins.
Second. God is called Our Salvation because He is the cause of all the gifts of grace and of all the good works by which we merit eternal salvation. The whole mechanism of this world is directed to that one end: our eternal salvation. All things are for the elect.
Third. God is called our Salvation, because He is the author and source of all the gifts of glory in which eternal salvation formally consists, namely the vision and enjoyment of God.
Finally, God justly bears that title because He is Himself the object of eternal salvation. On Him depend the whole essence of eternal life, its excellence, its sweetness and its endless duration. To see Him, to love Him, to enjoy Him is life eternal both for Himself and for all the saints.

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Joseph Fromm said...

I think Fr. Lessius, S.J. is brilliant!