Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jesuit Was Actually A KGB Spy!

No one in Italy seemed a more exemplary upholder of the faith than 44 year old Jesuit Father Alighiero Tondi, as a fervent lecturer on "religious science" at the Institute of Higher Religious Culture at Gregorian University in Rome. He was exceedingly popular, only recently impressed an audience profoundly with a talk on why he became a Jesuit 16 years ago. Then last month disappeared, "I am not coming back," he phoned the university. A few days later a Communist paper broke the news Tondi had quit the Church for Communism.

Link (here) to the Life magazine story from May 26, 1952. Be sure to check out Archbishop Fulton J Sheen's comment in the same story along with the two pictures of Fr. Tondi, S.J.

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