Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jesuit Bishop Says, "Prayer A Foretaste Of Heaven"

" Our life on earth, seasoned with prayer, becomes in a manner heavenly. We have through prayer a foretaste of Heaven. For Heaven consists in perfect union with God, in the vision of God, face to face, as He is in Himself; and prayer is only a less perfect union with God: it is the effort of the soul to rise to its Creator by its highest faculties of understanding and will. St. Paul and many servants of God have been rapt up to God in prayer and admitted to the very threshold of Heaven. The lowliest may in some proportion draw near to God by prayer."

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Maria said...


"It is not so hard to be good, if you don’t let yourself be cast down by your faults and failings. Only learn to repent well and a holy life becomes much easier. We all fall often, that is to be expected, we are weak and we are surrounded by temptations. When we fall we ought not to be surprised , as if we had expected never to fall again. We ought not to be cast down, but we ought to make our self-accusation. “There you are again, my God forgive me. I wish I had not offended thee. I wish I had kept my resolution. I will begin again. Oh God, help my weakness”. See whether this plan won’t help you".

George Porter SJ Archbishop of Bombay

Isn’t this beautiful? Thank you, Joseph.