Sunday, March 7, 2010

Destined To Repair All The Calamities Which The First Eve Had Inflicted Upon Mankind

Oh, profound wisdom of the designs of God ! Mary is the most perfect of creatures. She comes forth from the hands of her author, so beautiful and so resplendent with glory that the angels, dazzled at the sight of her, ask with astonishment, " Who is she that cometh like a brilliant morning, who sends forth a light more pure and beautiful than the moon, and will soon outshine the sun itself ?"  
It is the future queen of heaven who is born upon earth. But, what splendour surrounds her cradle! With what majesty does He adorn her in the eyes of men ! This daughter of benediction, who has not shared in the corruption of sin, who bears upon her soul the living impress of the divine likeness, 
who is destined to repair all the calamities which the first Eve had inflicted upon mankind, who will crush the head of the serpent, and be the mother of God, had nothing to distinguish her outwardly from an ordinary child. That birth which constitutes the joy and admiration of the whole hierarchy of heaven, 
is an obscure and unknown event upon the earth, and merely attracts the attention of a few relatives and friends, who are very far from suspecting what a treasure has been bestowed upon the world.

Link (here) to the selected portion of the book entitled, Sermons of the Abbe Nicolas Tuite de Mac Carthy, S.J.


Maria said...

Lovely meditations on the hidden life, humility and Mary. Thank you, Joseph.

Joseph Fromm said...

I am quite honestly sick of posting some of the usual stuff during lent.