Monday, March 1, 2010

Fr. Pierre Francois Pinet, S.J. And "The Mission Of The Guardian Angel"

It is my purpose to tell you what I have been able to learn of one of these men, a Jesuit missionary— PIERRE FRANQOIS PINET, and of his Chicago mission, "the Mission Of The Guardian Angel," where, over two hundred years ago, near the western shore of Lake Michigan, he began his labors among the Indian tribes of our state.
Two and a half centuries form but a brief epoch in the histories of many countries of the old world. A like space of time not only covers the entire written history of Illinois, but reaches into such remote antiquity that we find no record. We all know that the written history of Illinois begins with the expedition of Father Marquette and Joliet in the year 1673. The histories of Illinois also tell us that twenty-seven years later, in the year 1700, the first permanent settlements in our state began with the founding of two Catholic missions by Father Pinet at Cahokia and Kaskaskia, but the writers fail to record the fact that on the western shore of Lake Michigan, which in these modern days of Chicago's greatness we call "The North Shore," and within two miles of the city limits of Evanston, this same Father Pinet in the year 1696, twenty-three years after the first expedition of Marquette, four years before Cahokia or Kaskaskia were thought of, ninety-four years before the first permanent white settler built his log cabin at Chicago, and over thirty-five years before the birth of Washington, founded his first Illinois Mission among the Miami Indians on the bank of what was then an inland lake and which in these days we call "The Skokie,"—with one exception the oldest mission in the state of Illinois.
 Link (here) to the cited page in the book entitled, Fr. Pierre Francois Pinet, S.J. and his Mission of the Gaurdian Angels of Chicago (1696 - 1699)  by Frank Reed Grover  

Most likely map location of the mission was between Michigan Avenue and  Rush Street on the north-side bank of the Chicago River on a “dry” area where the ancient Indian Green Bay Trail began. Near the site of the present day British Consulate. Citation (here)

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David said...

It is pretty clear that the site of Pinet's mission was on the west slope of the Highland Park moraine, adjacent to the Skokie wetlands, a mie west of Lake Michigan, around the current Willow Road in Winnetka, NOT on the near north side of Chicago, as written on this site.