Saturday, June 20, 2009

The War Against Latin

Rome should switch from Latin to English, Thomas G. Casey, SJ, argues in this America essay, "Ave atque Vale." Casey, an Irish Jesuit and professor of philosophy at the Gregorian University in Rome, notes that Italian is understandably the Vatican argot, but Latin is its official language--despite the fact that fewer and fewer church officials can speak or read or write it.

Link (here) to David Gibson's full post

What did Fr. Z have to say? (here)

"Oh brother, this tired old chestnut. I am sure he is going to try to convince you that because there was a change from Greek to Latin… blah blah blah..."

The Holy Father's Summorum Pontificum (here)

An excerpt

Since time immemorial it has been necessary - as it is also for the future - to maintain the principle according to which 'each particular Church must concur with the universal Church, not only as regards the doctrine of the faith and the sacramental signs, but also as regards the usages universally accepted by uninterrupted apostolic tradition, which must be observed not only to avoid errors but also to transmit the integrity of the faith, because the Church's law of prayer corresponds to her law of faith.'

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