Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ontologism And The German Swiss Jesuit

Among the theistic champions of Ontologism Professor Casimir Ubaghs of Louvain (died 1854), whom we have already met with as a defender of Traditionalism, was perhaps the most prominent. " Ubaghs thinks that we are born with the idea of the infinite God, and that this idea is in the beginning unformed, but becomes formed by reflection, to which we are led by our education in human society." Ontological errors were also propagated by Pere Gratry," Abbe Branchereau, Bishop Hugonin of Bayeux, Abbe Fabre, by an unknown author under the pseudonym "Sans-Fiel," and by a number of other writers in France, Belgium, and Italy. There is also, or was until recently, a small school of Ontologists in the United States. German writers, with the sole exception of P. Rothenflue, S. J., never grew enthusiastic over Ontologism; but such among them as were tainted with it (notably Karl Christian Friedrich Krause and Franz Xaver von Baader) drifted straightway into Pantheism, which is after all only a logical — if covert — sequel of Ontologism.

Link (here) to the book entitled, "God His Knowability, Essence and Attributes,"
by Fr. Joseph Pohle

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