Thursday, June 25, 2009

Repellant Coercion

This is from the Cardinal Newman Society (here)

Boston College theology Professor Rev. Michael Himes, Ph.D. spoke at the “Faith and Reason: A Dialogue at the Heart of Jesuit Education” conference hosted by Fordham University’s Center on Religion and Culture on June 17. “To achieve their purpose of higher education, Catholic universities must choose inclusiveness over a ‘type of coercion’ that is often present among some Church teaching,” a Fordham news release reports Himes as having said.
“I suspect that very often the so-called conflict between faith and reason is actually a conflict between church and autonomy, and that the reason faith appears repellant is the [view] of a church that supports, forces and—quite honestly—profits from faith,”
said Himes. He continued, “It seems to imply that there is a coercive aspect to faith, like, ‘Ya gotta believe this and ya gotta believe it the way we tell you to believe it.’” Himes simultaneously argued that the university should act as a “guardian of tradition” of religion and faith against those who would seek to dismiss faith as silly or even dangerous. Source: Fordham University

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