Saturday, June 27, 2009

America Magazine And Calumny

America Mag's Calumny in Service of a Human Master
A number of recent editorials by Catholic Obama partisans have sought to discredit the U.S. Bishops and the pro-life movement as a whole by grossly misappropriating the words of Kansas City – St. Joseph Bishop Robert W. Finn.

Sometimes with attribution, sometimes without, but never in context, they have ripped four words, “We are at war,” from a 3,981 word address Bishop Finn made to a pro-life convention April 18, and given it meaning and context of their own making.

None have been so egregious as the Jesuit editors of America. This week’s Current Comment editorial in America disgraces the paper and the Society. It is vicious calumny in service to wicked ends.

Link (here) to the Diocese of Kansas', Catholic Key blog to read the full rebuttal of America editorial

Some in depth analysis at Ignatius Press blog on the subject (here)

Photo is of the Editor-in-Chief Fr. Drew Christiansen, S.J.

The editors of America Magazine are:

Drew Christiansen, S.J., Editor in Chief

Robert C. Collins, S.J., Managing Editor

Karen Sue Smith, Editorial Director

Maurice Timothy Reidy, Online Editor

James Martin, S.J., Culture Editor

Patricia A. Kossmann, Literary Editor

James S. Torrens, S.J., Poetry Editor

Joseph A. O'Hare, S.J., Associate Editor

George M. Anderson, S.J., Associate Editor

Dennis M. Linehan, S.J., Associate Editor

James P. McDermott, S.J., Associate Editor

Matt Malone, S.J., Associate Editor

James T. Keane, S.J., Associate Editor

Peter Schineller, S.J., Associate Editor

Francis W. Turnbull, S.J., Assistant Editor

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Now for a good Jesuit...Fr. Joseph Lienhard was on Fr. Groeschel's program last night.
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