Friday, June 26, 2009

Novices From North America Converge At Regis University In Denver

The 9 current US provinces of the Jesuits, as well as the Canadian novices and the Jamaican novices have all converged on Regis University. We'll be spending the next several weeks here as different distinguished presenters regale us with Jesuit history.

I'm more than a little excited. The historian in me is downright giddy about the actual content of the course-the Jesuits have a rich, storied history that is deeply revealing of many different periods of the Church, the history of the world and, if it's not overstating, of humanity itself. The course content is also exciting to me as a novice-in the midst of my continued discernment, nothing could be more important than to learn more about the origins of the Society and the shape it's taken over time. If the novitiate can be (crudely) likened to an engagement, this is a little like meeting the in-laws and hearing the some of the stories.
Link (here) to the full post by Matthew Spotts nSJ, his blog is entitled And Wither then? I can not say.

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