Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bad Wing

Listen to a lengthy in context phone conversation between President Richard Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham, they discuss the Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 shot down by Isreal, the World Council of Churches and Nixon staffer the former Jesuit John McLaughlin of the famous TV news show The McLaughlin Group

They’re split right down the middle. They sure are. You’ve got the good guys like Krol and Cooke in New York. And then there’s this bad wing, the Jesuits, who used to be the conservatives and have become now become the all-out, barn-burning radicals.
Listen (here)

America magazine on the subject (here)

Link (here) to a real Jesuit radical Fr. Daniel Barrigan, S.J. that actually did participate in a soft terrorist action of arson against the government.

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Viator Catholicus said...

Great find. Although not a fan of Nixon or Graham, I find it interesting that they find true Catholics more congenial than certain crypto-Protestant Jesuits of that era. Sadly, the Jesuits truly were a bastion of orthodoxy and societal order for the true common good and not to uphold crimes that cry to heaven for vengeance as some of them do today.