Monday, July 15, 2013

Fr. Frank Brennan, S.J., "We Should Restrict Artificial Reproduction Of Children"

It is high time to draw a distinction between a marriage recognized by civil law and a sacramental marriage. In deciding whether to expand civil marriage to the union of two persons of the same gender, legislators should have regard not just for the well being of same sex couples and the children already part of their family units, but also for the well being of all future children who may be affected, as well as the common good of society in setting appropriate contours for legally recognized relationships. Same sex couples wanting to create their own children may in the foreseeable future be able to use only their own genetic material, precluding the possibility that such children will have a biological father and a biological mother. Whether or not we legislate for same sex marriage, we should restrict artificial reproduction of children such that they will have a biological father and a biological mother, and hopefully able to be known by them.
Link (here) to Eureka Street to read the full piece by Fr. Frank Brennan, S.J.

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