Thursday, July 25, 2013

I will be on blogger vacation until September 15th, 
in the mean time enjoy these great sites and links.
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by Pere Etienne Binet, S.J.

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Douglas A. Willinger said...

How about some credit to the Jesuit Order for effecting change?

Maria said...

Egads. To whom shall we go? Who will apprise us of all the high crimes and misdemeanors that are sure to ensue in your absence, lol?
Have a WONDERFUL vaca! I shall surely miss you...

Maria said...

Douglas: Change? You are a man of great charity, Douglas, lol.

Joe; Thanks for all the great links. I have already been to the
Ciszk site and uncovered a jewel:

"Faith is like a dark tunnel: God gives us the Light to take one step at a time. The Light is not given to see the end of the tunnel".

Fr. Jean-François Thomas s.j said...

Many thanks for your site. Have a good rest with your family during this summer break. With my prayer

Jean-François Thomas s.j

Maria said...

Today is the Feast of the Transfiguaration of the Lord

Servus Dei Fr John Hardon SJ gave a retreat for men in 1995 in which he provided a wonderful talk on the Transgifuration here:

He also provides this commentary on the Transfiguration, in a separate talk, here:

"Christ made sure he was transfigured before his passion, so that the disciples… you remember who were the three disciples, Peter, James and John; the same three, remember, who later on fell asleep on him in Gethsemane…. to prepare them for his passion. In other words, that what he foretold he would fulfill; that having suffered he would rise from the dead. In other words, that his suffering was totally, utterly voluntary. I cannot stress that word too much; admitting repeating it would make it more clear. Well, the Lord can’t make more clear what the word voluntary means when we speak of voluntary suffering. And if you’re going to work for the extension of Christ’s kingdom, my friends, there is just no option. You don’t have to look for suffering. Oh, no! You don’t have to ask for it. Oh, no! You’re going to get it! And, from your dearest friends. And then the beauty is, you love it!"

Joseph: We all need a rest from the Society now and then, right? ;)
Thank you for all do, oh, and the links! I hope that you have a wonderful vacation mon frere.

Anonymous said...

maria you need a reality check

Anonymous said...

A Roman Catholic Church official will remain in prison while he fights his conviction for failing to protect a boy from a predatory priest. Judge M. Teresa Sarmina of Common Pleas Court on Monday deemed Monsignor William J. Lynn’s conduct too serious to warrant bail, despite defense arguments that the conviction may well be overturned because Monsignor Lynn was not the immediate supervisor of any priests accused of sexual abuse. Monsignor Lynn, the longtime secretary for clergy in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, is serving a three- to six-year prison term. His legal team is shrinking as the archdiocese limits its financial budget for his appeal. Jeff Lindy is stepping down from the team after eight years, and two of the four lawyers who defended Monsignor Lynn at trial will continue “largely on a pro bono basis,” the archdiocese said.

Anonymous said...

When you return from vacation you'll have your hands full trying to keep up with all the dissident Jesuits, professors at Jesuit universities, and Jesuit publications that will erroneously slam Paul Ryan for his orthodox, intelligent, wise, mature and prudent application of Catholicism to governance and the problems facing America.

So rest up and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and more aimless quotes from Fr. Hardon (who, if he were alive, should be in jail for harboring a sexual predator).

Ryan is fine--if you are an Ayn Rand fan. But he falls fall short on Catholic social teaching.

Anonymous said...

You seem not to have read Ryan; you've obviously only read what the Georgetown professors erroneously stated about him. Ryan disavows Ayn Rand's philosophy because it is atheistic. He also has a clearer grasp of Catholic social teaching -- as well as Catholic pro-life teaching -- than many Catholic theologians. Far from "falling short" on Catholic social teaching, he is one of the most preeminent American legislators imbued with an authentic Catholic spirit. I pray that God blesses America with President Romney and V.P. Ryan. Ryan eclipses that doofus "c"atholic Biden.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is a BIG Rand fan--has read her work, makes his staffers read her work, and he has spoken at Rand conferences. He has said on many occasions that her visions motivated him to public life. In fact, he hasn't had any experience outside the beltway.

On the other hand, he has come to Catholic social teachings later--in a ham-handed way to court the conservative Catholic votes (no need to Paul--they are already with you).

His pro-Life stance--more of a posture really--would result in women who have abortions put in prison.

Anonymous said...

It took Bruce Novozinsky more than seven years and 14,000 pages of letters, memos, manuscripts and interviews to produce his book on the decades of sexual abuse allegedly covered up by the powers that be in the Roman Catholic Church.
“Purple Reign: Sexual Abuse and Abuse of Power in the Diocese of Trenton”, written with co-author Linda Vele Alexander, hit stores and online in June and recently became the sixth-most purchased e-book about Christianity on
“Purple Reign,” the result of what the Upper Freehold resident calls an “obsession,” chronicles his memoirs in Catholic school — and three years at the former Divine Word Seminary in Bordentown — and the sexual abuse suffered in the Diocese of Trenton through the mid- to late 20th century.
“We were all products of the 1970s, where you just kind of prayed to, obeyed and paid the church. Nobody ever questioned the politics involved,” Novozinsky said in a telephone interview earlier this week.
The book reads like a conversation with Novozinsky — “I write like I speak and that’s with candor and very little filtering,” he writes. The book is interspersed with firsthand accounts of others’ sexual abuse, correspondence with the alleged perpetrators more than 40 years later, and reflections on the abuse perpetrated by men wholly trusted by their victims.
“I didn’t look like the typical candidate for a kidnapping, or a sexual assault for that matter, and yet less than an hour before, I had a priest on top of me,” Novozinsky writes of his own close call with sexual abuse by his parish priest decades ago.
He latched onto the subject when news broke of the sexual abuse scandal 10 years ago in the Archdiocese of Boston, as those experiences and rumors started “eating at him.”
“To say that the Catholic Church abuse crisis started in January 2002 in Boston, Mass., is naive and simply not true,” Novozinsky writes. “Sexual abuse and the abuse of power in the Church have been around since Adam bit the apple.”
The book includes anecdotes of weeping parents pleading with priests to take action over the abuse witnessed by their sons — and the resulting inaction.
“Everybody had a horrible, horrible story to relay, but the common theme was, ‘Nobody did anything about it,’ ” Novozinsky said. “Or they settled a case and were told to be quiet, or were told, ‘This is a secret between us and God.’ Just being in a workforce and in corporate America, it just dawned on me that this is the highest degree of sexual harassment.”
“The abuse is bad enough. It’s horrid,” Novozinsky said. “But the cover-up is worse, as far as I’m concerned.”
Many of the alleged perpetrators — who he said were never charged due to a “loophole” in the legal system — still live in the area, still wearing priest collars.
Even Novozinsky’s attempted abuser lives “scot-free,” he said.
The Diocese of Trenton declined to comment on any of the allegations made in “Purple Reign.”

Anonymous said...

Even Catholic bishops, who had to be dragged toward compassion in the paedophilia scandal, were dismayed at how uncompassionate Ryan’s budget was.

Mitt Romney expects his running mate to help deliver the Catholic vote and smooth over any discomfort among Catholics about Mormonism. (This is the first major-party ticket to go Protestant-less.) Yet after Ryan claimed his budget was shaped by his faith, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops deemed it immoral.

“A just spending bill cannot rely on disproportionate cuts in essential services to poor and vulnerable persons,” the bishops wrote in a letter to Congress.

The Jesuits were even more tart, with one group writing to Ryan: “Your budget appears to reflect the values of your favourite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The nuns on the bus also rapped the knuckles of the former altar boy who now takes his three children to Mass.

As Sr Simone Campbell, executive director of the Catholic social justice group Network, told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, it’s sad that a Catholic doesn’t understand that “we need to have each other’s backs. Only wealthy people can ever begin to pretend that they can live in a gated community all by themselves.”

Even Ryan’s former parish priest in Janesville weighed in. Fr Stephen Umhoefer told the Center for Media and Democracy: “You can’t tell somebody that in 10 years your economic situation is going to be just wonderful because meanwhile your kids may starve to death.”

Anonymous said...

Well... about this list of websites I have to say:

1 - Jesuits don't have a "Georgian" University, but the "Gregorian" University in Rome

2 - The website is wrong ( the Gregorian Foundation is a foundraising group... the Pontifical Gregorian University correct address is )

3 - Jesuits in Rome have not only Gregorian University and Biblical Institute, but also the Pontifical Oriental Institute:

And also the Specola Vaticana, of course :-)
And the ancient review La Civiltà Cattolica:

All the best,