Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Father General Adolfo Nicolás Is In Brazil

Jesuit Father General Adolfo Nicolás answered questions from pilgrims at a private session after his Mass on July 15, the final day of MAGIS 2013 in Salvador, Brazil, before the pilgrims departed for experiences scattered throughout the country. One pilgrim from each delegation was selected to attend the event. At the session, Fr. Nicolás, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, spoke mainly in Spanish, which was then translated into English by an interpreter. Fr. Nicolás began with an opening statement and dedicated the rest of the two-hour session to questions from pilgrims. One pilgrim asked Fr. Nicolás what could be offered to those youth who seem to feel no need or desire for faith and church, to which Fr. Nicolás responded, “Are we offering them what is most profound from the Gospel?” He spoke of the necessity to widen our horizons and seek encounters with other cultures and traditions, such as those facilitated by events like MAGIS. “God works in the hearts of everyone, without preference for any class, Christians or non-Christians. To live Ignatian spirituality, we need to be open to everyone with a heart. We can work together, and we can discover together what God wants for humanity.” 
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