Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J., "In Jesus, There Is Hope Of Union With God And Eternal Life"

Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.
For many people in our mass-media society, appearance is the reality. Thus, they think the Church has
changed in some basic areas—such as sexual morality or the doctrine on purgatory—whereas, in fact, she has not changed at all. Where do these false perceptions come from?
Often, they come from superficial or false reports in the media; from false propaganda spread about by dissident Catholic intellectuals; from erroneous teaching in Catholic schools on all levels; and from biased preaching in our parishes. 
To counter this trend, Pope John Paul II, the Pope of Truth, told bishops and priests during his pontificate that they should preach the whole truth about God, Christ and the Church.  One of the reasons for the present abysmal religious ignorance among so many Catholics is precisely that many bishops and priests, or their surrogates, have not done that. If they had done it, the Pope would not have to correct them. 
Change and permanence: there is always a certain tension between them in this life.  Immersed in change, we long for that which is lasting. Our false prophets of change will be carried away by the very change they glorify. But the one Church of Christ will remain until the end of time.  
Our task as priests and preachers of Jesus Christ is, first, to live, and then to proclaim, the true and unchanging Good News of salvation.  In Jesus, there is hope of union with God and eternal life, which we celebrate especially during the Easter Season. In all things else, there is emptiness and ultimate disappointment.
Link (here) to read the full article at HPR by Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J.

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