Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ex Jesuit Says He Is Married To Another Man

Former Jesuit James Nickoloff
A Barry University professor who told students he was “married” to another man was one of two theologians from Catholic colleges who spoke at a dissident homosexual conference last week. DignityUSA rejects Catholic teaching that homosexuality is “disordered” and actively affirms and promotes the homosexual lifestyle. The theme of its conference this year was "Let Justice Roll Like a River." Among the speakers was James Nickoloff, a former Jesuit who teaches theology at Barry University in Florida, a Catholic institution founded by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. According to his faculty profile, Nickoloff has taught at Boston College, the College of the Holy Cross, the Weston Jesuit School of Theology and Santa Clara University. It was at Santa Clara where Nickoloff taught a course called “The Church and Homosexuality.” According to the syllabus, required readings included Catholic teaching and a book by Richard Cleaver, Know My Name: A Gay Liberation Theology. Nickoloff shared his marital status with students in an introductory letter for a 2009 online class at Santa Clara University titled “The Church in the World.” 
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Anonymous said...

He "married" a former student (Another ex-Jesuit?) whom he taught at the Jesuit Weston School of Theology.

Qualis Rex said...

Another example of predators running the seminaries/universities. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

If you read his bio, he entered the Society in 1975 and left in 1990. That means that the Jesuits invested 15 years of training and education, and he bailed right after he finished his degree, but not before securing a job at Holy Cross.

It's a great gig when you can get a Catholic religious order to pay for your education, flaunt the teachings of the Church, have an affair, leave the order, but keep your job at a Jesuit university and get grant funding to sustain teaching gigs at other Jesuit institutes of higher learning - including the formation of young Jesuits.

How the Jesuits retain benefactors is beyond me.

In the interim, actual orthodox Catholic PhDs are scraping by on adjunct professor salaries.

Anonymous said...

Qualis Res, you have no idea how true your statement is. Jesuit houses of formation programs are rife with chicken hawks.

The scholastics that play their game get accolades and special privileges - and perpetuate the system until they decide to leave.

The faithful ones who resist are labelled, ostracized and graduate with a raging case of PTSD from having to look over their shoulders at every step.

Qualis Rex said...

Anon - I posted a very similar thought on the topic of Fr Michael Barber's elevation to Bishop, since the article mentioned his affiliation with the St Patrick seminary. This was (is) a place notorious for gay activity/men coming in from around the country (world, actually as there is a large filipino/latin american contingent) to be near San Francisco and live a very gay lifestyle while "studying" to be a priest (at the expense of the church and benefactors). Why is the behavior tolerated? You'll have to use your imagination there. Suffice it to say, if we (the church) are lucky, these people leave the seminary after they get their (paid) education. But far too many remain in the priesthood and continue the predatory, obfuscating tactics they picked up there. And make no mistake; the previous bishops of the Archdiocese were informed and very aware of what was going on.