Sunday, May 13, 2012

Superstar Georgetown Student Celebrates Mothers Day

Sandra Fluke with long time boyfriend Adam Mutterperl  (source)
Forget flowers or breakfast in bed. The National Women’s Law Center has a fun, exciting and indeed ironic way to way to celebrate Mother’s Day this year: birth control stories! On Monday noted contraception activist and Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke took to Twitter to encourage like-minded women to share their contraception stories for the day honoring moms across the country.  “The stories of the past prepare us for the fights of today! @NWLC is collecting Mother’s Day stories re: #contraception,” Fluke tweeted. The feminist NWLC is collecting and publishing stories about the birth control struggles of moms and grandmas this week — in the process stoking a narrative that women’s access to birth control is on the brink. It’s been nearly fifty years since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Connecticut v Griswold striking down state bans on birth control. Since then, contraception has become so central to women’s lives that 98 percent of women use it at some point during our reproductive years,  NWLC explains on their site. “Yet we still see politicians re-litigating accessible, affordable contraception and other women’s health needs.” “Have you ever asked your mom, aunt, grandmother, or another loved one in your life what challenges she had gaining access to birth control?” they ask. “We want to hear the stories!”
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Maria said...

"Christ tells us, “The devil is a murderer from the beginning.” Unless our first parents had been seduced by the devil, bodily death would never have entered the human race. But the devil is a murderer in the deepest sense. His ambition is to murder human souls. Remember there is a first death, the death of the human body. There is a second death, the death of the soul. The devil’s ambition is to murder human souls by destroying God’s grace in their spiritual lives. Being in hell himself, the devil wants nothing more than to bring human beings to join him in his own eternal damnation.

The devil is not one person. The devil is an organized battalion of malice. Some of the Fathers of the Church speak of two mystical bodies in the world. There is a mystical body of Christ, which is the Church He founded that we call the Church Militant. There is also a mystical body of Satan, founded by Lucifer, which is literally hell-bent on conquering the mystical body of Christ. This is the main reason why the Church on earth is called the Church Militant. It is most important to recognize the organized character of the legions of the evil spirit. Let us be sure that we recognize the Church Militant as more than an adjective. As the saints tell us, the followers of Christ have one powerful weapon in battling the devil. And that weapon is the Cross. We shall conquer the evil spirit on one condition. That we love the Cross, venerate the Cross, use the Cross to defeat the devil and his followers.

One more description of the devil. The devil uses civil authority, call it the State, to war against the followers of Christ. It is surely not coincidental that Pontius Pilate, the civil governor of Palestine, condemned Jesus to a shameful death on the Cross. Over the centuries, the enemies of Christ have used the power of the State to undermine the moral teachings of the Savior. The legalized murder, under State authority, in most of the countries of the world, is surely the work of the devil. He uses State power. As I heard from a man just recently, “I have spent the last four years of my life in prison for praying the rosary before abortuaries.” As I said before, the State is the organized battalion which is being used by the devil to destroy the mystical body of Christ.
--Servant of God John Hardon SJ

And now, as we sadly know, the devil uses Obama, Georgetown University and the Society of Jesus and our Cardinals who remain silent. I just read an article called "The Devil Went Down to Georgetown Today". No, it is now his citadel, his infernal throne, his base of operations. St Ignatius pray for us.

Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's the words of the pedophile protector, Fr. Hardon, again!

Maria said...

Charter of the Family and the Catholic Faith

"How is selfish love at the root of contraception? It is at the root of contraception because that is why married people practice it. They engage in sexual activity, which they enjoy, while avoiding the consequences of a possible pregnancy, which they dislike. In other words, they selfishly seek sexual pleasure from their marital relations while excluding the prospect of conception.

A selfish family is a contradiction in terms. As contraception increases and the contraceptive mentality takes over the morals of society, family life becomes more and more difficult to practice. In time, family life becomes either an impossible ideal or a heroic goal that few people can ever attain.

(1) Contraception, therefore, fosters the breakdown of the family by making people more and more selfish.

(2) They become too selfish to even want to marry. So men and women cohabit without the mutual commitment of marriage.

(3) If they marry, they become too selfish to want any children, or accept children only after years in marriage. Husband and wife nourish each other’s selfishness.

(4) If they finally do have a child or two, the parents have become so habitually selfish that they can hardly teach selflessness to their children, either by word or example. On the contrary, children see their parents’ selfishness and follow the pattern set by their father and mother.

The first lesson of Humanae Vitae is that contraception is a symptom of the social disease of selfishness, even as the family is a sign of selfless love, which is the best evidence of the moral health of a society."

Servant of God John Hardon SJ

Maria said...


Say a prayer and take a deep breath before reading further one:

"At 10:30pm on Tuesday night, a group of approximately 20 or 30 students left the steps of Dalhgren Chapel strewn with trash that included dozens of small paper cups filled with unidentifiable liquids, both open and closed condom packs, a bottle of liquor, and condoms wrapped around bananas."


Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen

Maria said...


The deliberate violation of sacred things. Sacred things are persons, places, and objects set aside publicly and by the Church's authority for the worship of God. The violation implies that a sacred thing is desecrated precisely in its sacred character. It is a sin against the virtue of religion.

Personal sacrilege is committed by laying violent hands on clerics or religious of either sex; by unlawfully citing them before secular courts, i.e., without just cause and without express permission of their ecclesiastical superiors; by unlawfully demanding of them the payment of civil taxes or military service; and by the commission of acts of unchastity by or with a person bound by the public vow of chastity.

***Sacred places are violated by sacrilege through defilement, e.g., serious and unjust shedding of blood, as in willful homicide or by putting the sacred place (church or shrine) to unseemly use, e.g., secular trading, acts of debauchery; by grave theft from the Church or consecrated edifice; and by violating the immunity of a place as having the right of sanctuary.

Sacred objects are desecrated by sacrilege whenever something sacred is used for an unworthy purpose. This includes the Mass and the sacraments, along with sacramentals; sacred vessels and church furnishings; and ecclesiastical property. Desecration in each of these areas includes the deliberate invalid reception of the sacraments, simulation of Mass, grave irreverence to the Eucharist; gravely profane use of sacred vessels or vestments; and the unlawful seizure of sacred things or ecclesiastical property.

Sacrilege is many times reprobated in Sacred Scripture, notably in the second book of Maccabees and in the writings of St. Paul. Grave sacrilege in the Old Testament was punishable by death, and in the Catholic Church is considered a mortal sin. (Etym. Latin sacrilegium, the robbing of a temple, the stealing of sacred things.)

Anonymous said...