Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Melinda Gates Jesuit Educated

The Wedding of Bill and Melinda Gates on January 1, 1994 on the Hawaiian island of Lanai  (source)
Fr. William Sullivan, S.J., presided over the wedding of Bill and Melinda Gates on January 1, 1994, in Hawaii. Fr. Sullivan is the former president of Seattle University and connected with Melinda when she was a student at that Jesuit university. 
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Maria said...

Catholic Relief Services Forms Partnership With Death Peddlers
Part I

By Randy Engel, Director, U.S. Coalition for Life


The CCHD scandal is about the USCCB GIVING Money to the Death Peddlers

The CRS scandal is about the USCCB TAKING Money from the Death Peddlers


"Starting with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation directed by the Gateses and fellow billionaire Warren Buffett, father of Howard G. Buffett., here is a sampling of the anti-life organizations and activities it has supported, with a brief commentary on each:

· International Planned Parenthood Federation – $41,876,150 since 1998. Supports a total anti-life agenda world-wide. Organizes massive anti-life initiatives the world over.

· Planned Parenthood Federation of America – $12,984,000 since 1998. Does not include millions for PP abortion centers in Gates’ home state of Washington and elsewhere. Performs over 200,000 surgical abortions per year and supports a full anti-life agenda including contraception, sterilization, abortifacients, live human embryo and fetal experimentation, sex education, divorce, fornication, infanticide, homosexuality, eugenics, infanticide, pornography, in vitro fertilization.

· U.N. Fund for Population Activities and Americans for UNFPA – $56,681,272 in 2000. An indirect grant to UNFPA of $2,200,000,000 for “reproductive health” and mass population control programs.

· Pathfinder International – $1,585,000 in 1999, 2009. Among top deadliest abortion providers, trains abortionists, procures abortion and sterilization equipment. Promotes “reproductive options” among adolescents.

· International Projects Assistance Services – Promotes “sexual and reproductive rights.”

· Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Urban Reproductive Health Initiative – Pushes population control in Africa and South Asia.

· Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health – $9,864,398 (2009-2011). Sponsors world-class population control conferences which push modern fertility control techniques, abortion and sterilization including female condoms, injectable abortifacients, and “menstrual regulation” kits.


Maria said...

Population Communications International – $3,775,000. Specializes in population control propaganda for mass media.

· Family Health International – Specializes in mass sterilization and abortifacients and “menstrual regulation” kits.

· Family Care International – $14,643,712. Seeks to promote and defend “abortion rights” and mass population control projects.

· Stem Cell and Cloning Research – $400,000 donation for California campaign in favor of state supported programs of human embryonic stem cell research and cloning projects

· EPF: The Inter-European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development – $1,598,245. To promote “reproductive health care” around the world. According to the EPF, “in February 2002 it signed up to the “See Change” campaign; an initiative started by Catholics For Free Choice with the objective of changing the status of the Vatican at the United Nations. Following this, the parliamentary groups in Sweden and Spain both held parliamentary hearings on the role of the Vatican City in UN decision-making and its obstruction of progress on reproductive health and rights issues.”

As a member of the elite Club of Rome, Bill Gates is dedicated to the war against the proliferation of people, but he has other side interests as well include the promotion of the vice of homosexuality.

In 1989, Microsoft was one of the first companies in the world to offer employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners and to include sexual orientation in its corporate nondiscrimination policy. The company has supported and sponsored pro-gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues activities and programs including GLEAM, an organized employee resource group for homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender employees. As part of its Diversity Initiatives Program, GLEAM partners with Microsoft's executive leadership teams to define and implement corporate diversity initiatives company wide, such as the company's GLBT Pride Month celebration and GLBT-specific diversity training.

In July 2007, Bill Gates used part of his Microsoft fortune to purchase 56.3% of PlanetOut, a homosexual activist publishing company that runs a number of “gay” publications and services and is a major provider of hard core homosexual pornography."

Like my Grandfather Perc always used to say--if you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas.

mcasey said...

What a shame that the world's leading philanthropist is actually a "death peddler"? Who knew?
He gives gobs of money to starving nations for medicine, food and education, saving millions of lives. What a weird side gig for a death peddler.
I wonder if the starving people in Africa, whose lives are saved daily by Gates and his food/medicine, would be surprised that comfy Americans feel he is actually a death peddler. I doubt hungry people have the time for such distinctions. But perhaps we should tell them so the next batch of medicine for their sick children can be put back on the plane. No one needs evil death peddlers out there saving lives anyway.