Friday, May 4, 2012

Brit Marling And The Problem Of God

Brit Marling
Growing up in Orlando, Fla., Brit Marling, who is not Catholic, applied to Georgetown early in her senior year of high school because Georgetown was accepting early applications. Later that year, Marling got sick — too sick to fill out other college application forms. In the meantime, Georgetown accepted her.  Mike Cahill, who earned an economics degree at Georgetown, said he was initially interested in the university because of its international character and because "students work really hard and also have good social lives." But when both Cahill and Marling took the same "The Problem of God" course -- a requirement at Georgetown — "it changed things profoundly," Marling said. "It was one of the best courses I ever took. The priest who taught that class was wonderful."  Cahill and Marling started dabbling in short films — and dating. They're no longer romantically linked, but they still consider themselves creative partners.  Marling, who got a double major in economics and studio art, added that she, Cahill and a third Georgetown alum, Zal Batmanglij, are "artists I hope to collaborate with for the rest of my life."  "I know what kind of stories I want to tell, the metaphysical, the big questions of why we're here. I like reality with a twist, to learn something more about humanity," Cahill said. 
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