Sunday, May 20, 2012

Going To Court With The Jesuit's Georgetown

William Peter Blatty
Mandate of Procurator

I, the undersigned, a Catholic in full communion with the Church, in keeping with the rights, duties and obligations of the Laity and the Christian faithful under the 1983 Code of Canon Law: to make known our needs to our pastors through petition, to maintain communion with the Church, to perfect the order of temporal affairs, and legitimately to vindicate our rights in the Church, as well as the rights and duties we have under Article 4 of Ex corde Ecclesiaie, as may apply, do hereby express my grave concern that my rights to know and follow the truth of the Catholic Church, to a Christian education, and others, have been violated by Georgetown University’s twenty-one year refusal to comply fully with the law of the Church through the implementation of the general norms of Ex corde Ecclesiae and its eleven year non-compliance with certain particular norms adopted for the United States, which has led directly and indirectly to the tolerance and promotion of deviations from authentic doctrinal and moral teachings by Georgetown University authorities and a long series of Scandals to the faithful through actions inconsistent with a Catholic identity.

Therefore, I do hereby designate and appoint WILLIAM PETER BLATTY as my lawful procurator to act for me, if necessary, in the protection of my rights in accord with the norms of canons 1481-1490 and 1738, to seek alternative forms of relief that may include a declaration by the appropriate ecclesiastical authority that Georgetown University is no longer entitled to call itself a Catholic or Jesuit university, or to order a Visitation, or to seek other remedies, and do expressly grant him a Mandate to appoint additional and substitute procurators, to submit a petition, to renounce an action, instance or judicial act, to make a settlement or strike a bargain, and to enter into arbitration in accord with canon 1435.
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Anonymous said...


Tancred said...

What's silly is that we even have to have this conversation.

Suppress the Jesuits!

Anonymous said...

I learned all I need to from your blog "Tancred." A royalist?! Really? Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mr. Blatty considered to be an appropriate plaintiff here? He asserts himself to be "a Catholic in full communion with the Church" yet he has been married 4 times! Seven children from 3 of those marriages, which include 2 divorces and an "annulment".

Maria said...

Don't you see, Mr. Anonymous, it is not the ways in which Mr. Blatty may have fallen short of the glory of God that is our concern; rather, it is the Society's cooperation w/ evil that imperils souls and scandalizes the faithful that is at issue.