Monday, May 7, 2012

Fr. Fio Mascarenhas, S.J. On Discerning Spirits II

Normally, diabolical influence on the individual is restricted to simple temptations, though sometimes the devil may concentrate his power on an individual by means of diabolical obsession or even possession. (Detailed study of this is beyond our scope here). The various signs are:
  1. Spirit of falsity. The devil is the father of lies, but he cleverly conceals his deceit by half-truths and pseudo-mystical phenomena, by hypocrisy, simulation and duplicity.
  2. Morbid curiosity. This is characteristic of those who eagerly seek out the esoteric aspects of mystical phenomena or have a fascination for the occult or preternatural.
  3. Confusion. Anxiety and deep depression. Also despair, lack of confidence and discouragement – a chronic characteristic that alternates with presumption, vain security and unfounded optimism.
  4. Obstinacy. Disobedience and hardness of heart
  5. Constant indiscretion and a restless spirit. Those who constantly go to extremes (in penitential exercises/apostolic activities) or neglect their primary obligations to do some personally chosen work
  6. Spirit of pride and vanity. Very anxious to publicize their gifts of grace and mystical experiences.
  7. Impatience in suffering and stubborn resentment
  8. Uncontrolled passions and strong inclination to sensuality. Also excessive attachment to sensible consolations, particularly in prayer.
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