Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Madonna Is Here With Us

 Photo from the sky over Jesolo, Italy

A mysterious figure of light has inspired a lively debate among Italians ever since it appeared in the sky briefly before a Medjugorje prayer meeting took start in Jesolo a bit north-east of Venice on October 16. About 8.20 in the morning attendees outside the multi-hall Palaturismo suddenly stopped and looked to the sky. Meanwhile, the Blessed Sacrament was being carried into Palaturismo. 
“We all saw what appeared to be a cloud but then it was clear that there was not a cloud anywhere. It was the Madonna of Medjugorje who had appeared in Jesolo to protect us” 
a young, un-named man from Jesolo who attended the whole day told the local newspaper Nuova Venezia....... “Having now seen the place from the outside, there is nothing that could have created a reflex, like a window. We can also exclude possible effects from the camera equipment: A flash was not used which may have overexposed some object, and it can not be a stain or dirt on the objective which would have resulted in a dark, black figure. The explanation of the meteorite is at least bold: They leave a trail with a very different intensity of light” Daniel Miot writes on his blog. “I think it is real, that something really appeared in the sky.” 
The same conclusion was reached by attending priest Fr. Massimo Rastrelli, a Jesuit from Naples. “The Madonna is here with us, even though there is no visionary” 
he told the attendees. Interviewed by Nuova Venezia he later re-affirmed his conviction that the Virgin had, indeed, appeared.
Link (here) to  Medjugorje Today

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