Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jesuit On Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi

What was it like delivering an invocation before Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker of the House?
The invitation from Speaker Pelosi to deliver the invocation at her swearing-in was a great grace and wonderful surprise. 
I have heard her say so many times in so many places that her parents raised her “to be holy.”  
Whether one agrees with her politics or not, she is a woman of faith whose commitment to public service reflects her desire to live St. Francis’ prayer -- to be “an instrument of peace” and “bring hope to those in despair and light to those in darkness.”  You may argue with the means but you cannot argue with her goals.

Link (here) to the text of the full interview at the San Francisco Examiner with Fr. Stephan Privett, S.J. the president of the University of San Francisco


Anonymous said...

Speaker Pelosi's goals most certainly can be argued. Her goals violate the sanctity of life and the principle of subsidiarity. Privett is another Jesuit academic phony Catholic moron in charge of a university. Sheesh.

Suz said...

Someone should remind Fr Privett that Pelosi's "mean's" result in dead dismembered children and irreparably damaged women. And who cares if she says her parent's raised her "to be holy"? So do the parent's of suicide bombers... and oh my, THEIR "mean's" result in dead dismembered children too!

Anonymous said...

This is the same Fr. John Privett who, while provincial of the California Province, responded to a scholastic making allegations of sexual harassment by giving him a "No Whining" mug.