Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bavarian Jesuit And Engineering Innovations

Christoph Scheiner was a Jesuit priest, physicist and astronomer in Ingolstadt, a city in Bavaria, Germany. From 1603 through 1605, he taught humanities at a Jesuit school in the district of Dillingen. Scheiner invented the Pantograph in 1603. Some 27 years later, in 1631, he wrote and published Pantographice, which explains his invention.Pantograph, from Book Pantographice seu ars delineandi, Page 29 The pantograph is used to make a copy of a figure at a reduced or enlarged scale. The Canadian Centre of Architecture’s collection of drawing instruments includes a pantograph, made in England in the early nineteenth century.
Link (here) to the post entitled Enduring Form and Tool in the Pantograph at the blog called Metal Miner.

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