Thursday, June 3, 2010

How Much Do You Know About St. Edmund Campion, S.J.?

1. When was St. Edmund Campion born?
a) 25 January 1540
b) 19 May 1536
c) 22 September 1527
d) 9 December 1529

2. Where was St. Edmund Campion born?
a) Bristol
b) London
c) Liverpool
d) Cambridge

3. At which university did St. Edmund Campion teach?
a) Yale
b) Harvard
c) Edinburgh
d) Oxford

4. Where was St. Edmund Campion received in the Catholic Church?
a) Cardiff
b) Belfast
c) Douai
d) Paris

5. Which order did Edmund Campion join?
a) Order of Preachers
b) Oblates of Mary Immaculate
c) Society of Jesus
d) Order of Friars Minor

6. When did St. Edmund Campion distribute the pamphlet Decem rationes?
a) 5 March 1574
b) 27 June 1581
c) 24 August 1577
d) 1 December 1571

7. What did St. Edmund Campion Decem rationes denounce?
a) Rationalism
b) Existentialism
c) Anglicanism
d) Calvinism

8. When did St. Edmund Campion die?
a) 5 March 1584
b) 6 April 1592
c) 12 July 1597
d) 1 December 1581

9. Who canonized St. Edmund Campion?
a) John XXIII
b) Paul VI
c) Pius VIII
d) Clement IX

10. When is the feast day of St. Edmund Campion?
a) 1 December
b) 6 April
c) 12 July
d) 25 October

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Maria said...

John Hardon SJ on Edmund Campion SJ

"Well, before women wanted to become priests, Queen Elizabeth wanted to be Pope. That's why Campion shed his blood. Because a woman claimed to be Pope in England, it's that simple. How we need today, this loyalty to the Holy See, this … loyalty to the Bishop of Rome.

We've been closing with an invocation, let's make this one a prayer. St. Edmund Campion, martyr for the Roman Primacy, obtain for us, but especially for the Church's bishops and priests, such obedient loyalty to the Vicar of Christ that like you, they will not be afraid to proclaim the truth and like you, they will be willing to shed their blood for Jesus Christ.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

John Hardon SJ on Edomond Campion SJ