Friday, June 18, 2010

Brigade Of The Sacred Heart

The whole idea of his arrangements was borrowed from the constitutions and rules of the Society of Jesus; so much so, indeed, that—to quote the words of one of the kind contributors to his obituary, who was himself at the College,— 
"Those who came afterwards to learn the rules of the Society, were surprised to find that they had been keeping these same rules unconsciously, and perhaps when their thoughts were but little directed to the religious state."  
His general method in carrying on this grand work in the best interests of the little ones of Jesus and Mary, may be more clearly understood by the following interesting extract from a letter written by a Father, who for six years was a master under his presidency: " His Brigade of the Sacred Heart was his special and favourite work for the spiritual good of the scholars. Many were the experiments through which a candidate had to pass, before he reached full membership ; and when he succeeded in attaining what I may call his profession, then he became a marked boy "— that is to say a boy of mark—"
Link (here) to the mentioned portion of the book entitled Memoir of Father James Harris, S.J.

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