Sunday, June 13, 2010

U Turn

In a news release Wednesday, Marquette's president, the Rev. Robert A. Wild, S.J., said: "We deeply regret the upset and unwanted attention that we caused this outstanding teacher and scholar, and we are grateful for the graciousness with which she has handled this matter in the weeks since the decision was announced."
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Marquette officials said that Jodi O’Brien, a sociology professor who is openly g@y and writes about gender and sexuality, had written “strongly negative statements about marriage and the family,”
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Brian said...

As a very recent graduate, Wild's dispicable comments really illustrate Marquette's decline. What a joke of a school ... you can get more enlightened and interesting liberal trash at state schools for about 20% the cost of a Marquette education.

Bad Catholic said...

If this is a Catholic institution what is there to apologize for? Basically the administration is saying "Gee, we're really sorry that we really believe what the Church teaches."

Anonymous said...

Marquette U. is doing just fine guys.

Anonymous said...

Lots of money! O'boy!