Monday, June 7, 2010

Play Jesuit Hangman


Newly ordained Jesuit priest of the New Orleans Province 
Fr. Anthony Barrow, S.J.  
has a personal website he a game on the site called "Jesuit Hangman".
You can play it (here).

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Anonymous said...


The poetry that Andrew Borrow posts on his site does not give reassuring auguries of a priesthood exemplifying "spiritual paternity" as understood by the Church. You be the judge (

O Wild State of Drunkeness
Gaily rises the bottle
with salt and lime
itself emptied, me self empty
Gaily rises me soul
as me mind moves
slowly asleep
Gaily rises I
me mind melted ice
and imprisoned inners freed
Gaily I rise
moving magnificently,
mourning as the dawn breaks
Gaily rays of light crash
on that which itself hid
in the nocturnal nebulous
Gaily rises me guilt
as me mind awoke
and passions receded
Gaily I rose and
Gaily I fell and
Gaily rises the guilt
now Gaily triumphant!
-- Andrew Borrow, S.J.