Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two Jesuits Murdered In Moscow

MOSCOW _ Two Jesuit priests from Russia and Ecuador have been stabbed to death in Moscow, officials say. Developing. Link (here)


Fr Anthony Symondson SJ said...

This is tragic news. I knew Victor Betencourt Ruiz on the first European Tertianship in Dublin two years ago. He was good, solid and dependable, a typical Ecuadorean with a Conquistador background. What makes his death even more difficult for his family is that he had to return to Ecuador on two occasions to minister to his dying grandfather and father and to a nephew who almost died in a car accident. This will be hard for his mother and I hope many will pray for her as well as for the souls of him and his companion. The Jesuits in Russia have a particularly hard and demanding apostolate and both were indispensable to the mission. They too need Masses, prayers and financial support.

Anonymous said...

Awfull.I know brothers and sister (she is my friend) of fr. Messmer.

Anonymous said...

And in their place could be another priests in Russia, many of them I know and love.

Joseph Fromm said...

Dear Fr. Anthony,

Thank you for filling in the personal story. It is important that the Fathers are not just a story but real people.