Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah From The Right, Sarah From The Left

From the right

For the left to deceive themselves and the voters by pretending that that debate last night went any way other than Sarah Palin absolutely mopping the floor with Joe Biden, is nothing short of delusion. Now, yeah, Biden may be filled with Washington-speak. You know what his best friend last night was? The clock! One thing I noticed was that Gwen Ifill did not give this guy a chance to start rambling with diarrhea of the mouth. She kept those time limits dead certain. She also gave him the last word three times to every one time she got it. Now, if you're impressed with Washington-speak, no matter what it is... I mean, Biden's never been in a Home Depot unless he went in there to see if he could get a repair kit for his cuff links. He's never been into a Home Depot.
Joe Biden doesn't know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah; he doesn't know where Gaza is. They talk about Sarah Palin not having her bona fides here on foreign policy! Sarah Palin came off as more experienced and qualified, personable and able to connect with people than Obama does, and that's where she shined last night. She was knockout gorgeous. She looked good last night, charming, pleasant, likable, witty. She was on point. She did not appear contrived.

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Now this what political expert Sean Micheal Winters posted
(here) at the America Magazine blog In All Things

From the Left

An excerpt.

The expectations of high drama were those that attend an execution. All this past week, Americans were treated to Gov. Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. Palin’s performance was dreadful; some of her replies were so unintelligible, you wondered if she was speaking in tongues. The confidant, sharp, attacking woman who had mesmerized the nation with her convention speech in St. Paul disappeared, replaced but an uninformed, deer-in-the-headlight, rube. Conservative columnists were questioning whether she should step aside.

Last night, Gov. Palin stopped the bleeding. She was able to answer all the questions or, as she herself said, answer the questions she wanted to answer. I think a candidate, especially a first-time national candidate, gets points when they assert themselves against the moderator and their opponent as Palin did. Her answers tended to be a bit sophomoric: some had details, some had broad strokes, but no answer demonstrated the ability to connect the details to the overarching philosophy of the candidates.

I thought her "aw shucks" demeanor would strike a chord with middle America especially in contrast to Sen. Joe Biden’s more senatorial bearing. My debate-watching partner disagreed: He thought of the debate as an interview or a professional presentation in which homey analogies would never be used. Evidently, he was right and I was wrong. The polls immediately after the debate showed Americans scoring the debate for Biden by 51-39 percent, even though 70 percent said Biden looked like a more typical politician.

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Palin Performance Helps McCain Regain Political Footing

Analysts say Sarah Palin, with a cool and confident performance at Thursday night's debate, helped running mate John McCain regain his footing going into the final month of the presidential race.

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Poll: Sarah Palin Bests Joe Biden in Debate Expectations Game, More Likable

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