Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ignacophile Blogger On Celibacy

I found a new blog entitled, we all, with unveiled faces it is written by Brian a theology student at Aquinas College. Brian is from Grand Rapids Michigan. He is currently finishing his B.A. in Theology and Philosophy, and he writes for both The Saint, Aquinas College's newspaper, and, a spirituality source created and maintained by Mark Link S.J..

An excerpt from his post.
The statistics show that from 1970 to 2007 the number of diocesan priests fell from 36,005 to 27,971. Including religious priest the numbers fall from 59,000 in 1975 to about 41,500 last year. Listed as causes for the drop are: trends of smaller family sizes; a sexualized culture where celibacy seems like an impossibility; negative views of the priestly ministry following the sexual abuse scandal; a culture that overvalues wealth; the audacity of a lifelong commitment to a single occupation. The one, however, most considered is celibacy.
Link (here) to Brian's post entitled, Answers and Equations

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