Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jesuit On Your 401K

It's OK to Pray for Your 401(k)
"People absolutely need to know that it's natural to ask God's [personal] help in times of crisis," says James Martin, a priest, editor at the Jesuit magazine America and author of the book My Life with the Saints. "It's human and we can't not do it." Martin points out that the Psalms — in many ways the Western model for all personal prayer — are full of such special pleading. And in the Lord's prayer, Jesus doesn't forget to include "give us this day our daily bread."
Link (here) to the Time Magazine article.

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Dear Joseph,

My name is Peter Glenn and I'm a producer at Loyola Productions ( a Jesuit production company based in Los Angeles.

We just released a DVD adaption of James Martin's "My Life With Saints" called "Who Cares About the Saints?" and are looking to build our database of reviews.

I enjoyed your blogging profiles of the Jesuits, including some great stories by James Martin.

If we sent you a copy of the DVD if you'd be interested in writing a film review?

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