Saturday, July 21, 2012


Jane Doe VS Fr. Daniel C. O'Connell, S.J. (here)


Maria said...

So, let's see if I am following this."Father" O'Connell rapes a student at Holy Cross and then, after a court order restraining him from further contact w/ students, your son or daughter had the privlege of being taught by this rapist priest to the tune of $ 59,116 year at Georgetown. Presumably, the privlege of being educated by a rapist priest was equally expensive at Fordham, where he also violated the court order. Quite a racket. All the while, America Magazine has the audacity to rail against the "corruption" in the Church. Truly, it is all something to behold.

Anonymous said...

All the while, America Magazine has the audacity to rail against the "corruption" in the Church. Truly, it is all something to behold.

Agreed. Here's another crazy one: Fr. John Hardon, S.J. is on the sainthood track and he helped to harbor a fellow Jesuit abuser.

kate said...

Thanks for covering this again -- you also covered it when the NY Times had a story about it in 2010.

I do not know why, but..... all the media missed it when a second victim of Daniel C. O'Connell, SJ came forward in 2012 and filed a lawsuit because Jesuits ignored her. There is a press release at the SNAP website but .... it got overlooked. Google his name and you will probably find it.

Tip of the iceberg. When I was sexually assaulted by him, three other women complained about him the same semester (!!!!!)and were ignored by the administration of Loyola University Chicago at their Rome, Italy campus.

I was on a study abroad program from Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.

Daniel C. O'Connell, SJ called and apologized to me two years later, crying and telling me he was evil. Sounds right to me. Evil.

I was in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

A lot of times since then, people -- including priests -- asked me how I can stay Catholic, HOW. I won't forget the first time.

I said, "You mean I have to give up church too? How is that fair? Shouldn't he be the one who has to leave?"

Life goes on.

kate said...

I looked for the SNAP coverage of the new lawsuit, filed at the end of April 2012. Mainstream media missed it.

Here it is

Anonymous said...

I had practiced Zen at the Jesuit Retreat House in Nassau county where I had determined that the Jesuits where very paranoid about.something but I couldn't determine why, until I had heard about the lawsuit settlement of child abuse with the Native American children in the Northwest.
During the years of 2011 & 12 of practicing Zen, I had concluded that the Jesuits provide favors and control people---if you see something---keep your mouth SHUT!