Friday, July 20, 2012

Fr. Paul Carrier, S.J. Named Haitian Victims Lawsuit

Fr. Paul Carrier, S.J. in Haiti
"Before many of these sexual abuse victims met Douglas Perlitz, they were homeless, without food and had very little clothing. Now, many of these victims are still homeless, without food, have very little clothing and are also suffering from the emotional and physical trauma Douglas Perlitz inflicted on them," Mitchell Garabedian said. "These victims are in a much worse position today than when they began attending Project Pierre Toussaint, met Douglas Perlitz and were sexually molested by him." Perlitz pleaded guilty in 2010 to traveling from the U.S. to Haiti for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct with a minor. He is serving a 19-year, seven-month federal prison sentence. 
Days before his sentence, Perlitz claimed he became involved in a sexual affair with Carrier shortly after arriving at Fairfield University as a freshman in 1998. Fr. Paul Carrier, S.J. was the school's director of campus ministry and chaplain. Shortly after that claim, Carrier's Society of Jesus, New England Province began an investigation and suspended him of clerical duties. Attempts to contact the Society of Jesus and Timothy P. O'Neill, his Boston lawyer, for comment were unsuccessful Wednesday. In the past O'Neill has denied his client did anything wrong and cast doubt on Perlitz' claimed relationship with Carrier. Court documents and Haitian sources claim Carrier and Hope Carter frequently visited Perlitz and his program in Haiti. 
The new suit alleges that Carrier saw Perlitz show a pornographic video to a student, heard Perlitz arrange a rendezvous with a boy, watched Perlitz press his body against a boy's back in an embrace and was a visitor when a boy slept in Perlitz's bedroom. "All of these circumstances should have alerted Father Carrier ... that something was amiss in Perlitz's dealings with the boys in his care at PPT," Garabedian wrote in the suit. The suit claims that Fairfield University raised over $600,000 for the Haiti Fund, which turned the money over to Perlitz. Stanley A. Twardy Jr., the school's lawyer, has maintained that Fairfield University is a "separate and distinct entity" from Project Pierre Toussaint. He and other defense lawyers are asking Chatigny to dismiss the cases. 
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Anonymous said...

For the story about Carrier and his work in Haiti, see pages 10+ in the following link:

He and his Jesuit superiors should be in jail. The picture of Carrier holding hands with the little boy breaks my heart.

Maria said...

Well, I am sure that Fr. Martin et al would love to see Carrier at the next "More than a Monologue” conference series. As we all know,sodomy is the royal road to union w/ God, right? Honestly, sometimes I think, it is no longer the Society of Jesus but the Society of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Maria,

You have no clue how BAD things really are. Former Provincial Tom Smolich informed his novices that should anyone of them agree with the thesis of Father Paul Shaughnessy's outstanding article entitled THE GAY PRIEST PROBLEM, he should leave the Society QUAM PRIMUM. Why? Because, he said, "every superior of the California Province is gay."


Maria said...

I had previously read that article. Sancta Mariae Mater Dei ora pro nobis.

Here is the kicker:

"Father, Pope John Paul II, in his masterful encyclical, Dives in Misericordia, Rich in Mercy, defines mercy as love coping with evil. Memorize that, mercy is love coping with evil. Mercy is love, paid the price of love. Mercy is costly love. It is love that loves although it has not been loved. Mercy is love giving to those who have stolen love from us. All of this we believe.

On the first level of our consideration is how God wants us to cooperate with His providence whenever we are the unwilling and innocent victims of other people’s sins. But people may still be causing us pain, maybe for years, they not only were but they are now offending God and at least because we hear or read about their sinful conduct they offend us. What does God expect of us? He expects us to pray and sacrifice for these people so they might stop offending Him and depending on the gravity of their sin, might be converted and be reconciled with their God. It is impossible to exaggerate the practical importance of this reading of divine providence. God wants every sinner to repent and return to His friendship. He wants every priest who has rejected his priesthood and turned his back on Christ to be reconciled with his Master. He wants every religious who has been unfaithful to his or her vowed commitment to make their peace with God. He wants every husband who has sinned against his wife and children to repent and be saved. He wants every woman who has killed her unborn offspring to be converted. Every prostitute to reach heaven. Every thief and murderer to one day see the face of God. He wants the Church’s persecutors, wherever, and in our own country, to love the God they are now opposing among the faithful. In a word, God wants sinners to return to the One they offended and finally to save their souls. But all of this means that we must do our part, we must pray and sacrifice in order to obtain from God’s mercy the grace that sinners need, desperately need, to stop sinning and start serving God. They will, they will stop offending God, but I repeat, we must do our part. The more patient we are in bearing the wrongs of others, the more forgiving we are, the more ready we are to pay the price of being maybe deeply agonizingly hurt by a sinner, the more grace God has in store for that sinner. My generosity, my patience in bearing wrong is the divinely ordained condition for obtaining God’s merciful forgiveness even for the worst crimes that people will commit. It is up to us to never count the cost in order to obtain the mercy of God for those who have sinned. And the more deeply we have been hurt, the more agonizingly we have suffered injustice, hear it and don’t forget, the more we hold that sinner’s salvation in our hands. Our patient endurance of suffering is the price that Jesus wants us to pay to bring sinners to that heavenly kingdom reserved only for those who have tasted the mercy of God."

Sin in the Providence of God
John Hardon SJ Servus Dei

Man, oh man, but it is a tall, tall order some days...

Maria said...

A Few Excerpts from the Complaint:

Over the last four decades the New England Jesuit Order has had several members who have sexually abused numerous children. Rather than take timely action to prevent sexual abuse of children, the New England Jesuit Order’s practice has been years later to pay hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in compensation for the harm its members caused to children. *****The New England Jesuit Order’s management and supervision in this case was, sadly, consistent with the way it
managed other instances involving the sexual abuse of children.*****

In approximately 1988, Father Carrier, then University Chaplain of Fairfield University, engaged in a sexual relationship with a freshman at Fairfield University. Although this sexual relationship with a young student at Fairfield University should have put Fairfield University and the New England Jesuit Order on notice that Father Carrier was a person of bad character who could not maintain nor understand appropriate boundaries with vulnerable individuals, neither Fairfield University nor the New England Jesuit Order disciplined Father Carrier.


A year after Carter spirited the computers away from investigators, one of these computers was seized when Perlitz was arrested. United States investigators found that Perlitz had used that computer to visit websites focusing on sexual material relating to boys, such as EXTREMEG@YBOYS.COM,, and

The plaintiff is asking for
$ 20, 000, 000 in damages. The tab for the Society’s penchant for sodomy is getting rather costly. God is merciful. Perhaps they will bankrupt themselves. So mind numbing and omnipresent are these tales of perversion that, as Walker Percy once said, “one has to cultivate a sense of horror”.

Anonymous said...

"But people may still be causing us pain, maybe for years, they not only were but they are now offending God and at least because we hear or read about their sinful conduct they offend us."

I imagine the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of the priest enabled by Fr. Hardon must relate to this observation.

Anonymous said...

Paul Carrier was at BC before he was at Fairfield. He earned a well-deserved reputation as an excellent homilist. I was dumbfounded when I heard the account of Paul Carrier making a sexual advance toward an acquaintance, a heterosexual student. Although I was crushed to hear it and had difficulty incorporating this into my image of Carrier, the account was credible. Two years later a friend who worked in a local video store told me young men would come into the store & rent gay porn under Paul Carrier's account. What a hypocrite, walking around campus like a preppy boy scout living a double life. A hypocrite like SO MANY Catholic priests.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, the account of the sexual advance was relayed first-hand, not passed on from someone who heard it. As the acquaintance put it, "He grabbed me & made a pass."