Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3 Dimensional Jesuit

Fr. Patrick Connolly, S.J.
Father Pat Connolly S.J., associate professor of film and television at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, said in a recent interview with the Jesuit Communications Center that films (or what he calls “animated stained glass windows”) should be used during Mass. He spoke in the interview about his plans for short religious-themed films that could be used during the liturgy. “The moving image should be used during Church,” he said. “I would create film that would be in fact evocative of the higher understanding and appreciate of water, light, what a leper’s like and what a blind person is like and I would deliberately craft them for that purpose.” 
He mentioned that he’d already done so at a Catholic school Mass for students. He labeled any objections to films being shown during Mass as antithetical to church and worship services as “nonsense” and “silly.” 
He said many Protestant churches are doing this already and he’s confident that the Catholic Church will soon follow suit.
You can listen to the interview here.
Link (here) to The California Catholic Daily


Katy Anders said...

Different people have different ways to get ideas across.

Film wouldn't be for every priest - it would negatively distract in the hands of some.

But hey, if visuals can be put to effective use for some, why not give it a go?

Anonymous said...

the few good homilists the church has do not need this visual aid but an overwhelming majority can use any help they can get -

well until women can say mass this would be useful

Anonymous said...

Females cannot be ordained, thus they will never say Mass.

Video doesn't belong in the Church's liturgy.

Phony Catholics don't belong in the Church, but they think they do.

Anonymous said...

"PHony Catholics"--I guess you get to decide, right?

Most of the posters on this blog are "Plastic Catholics":they try to look "authentic" but they are mass produced and artificial.

Maria said...

Father Pat Connolly S.J. is what happens when people no longer believe in the real presence of our Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

Magnum Force said...

The film the Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson is a meditation on the sacrificial nature of Mass. I am sure that the lavender Jesuits would argue its to realistic to be used at Mass. Than we could not only argue about words like Many or All. We would be pit against each other like Siskel and Ebert or wolves and wild dogs. Fr. Pat could start by wearing a roman collar so that the people could visual depict that he is a priest.
This audio visual nite mare has already been unleashed in the Episcopal Church with the famous U2Charist and Rave masses.
No thanks Fr. Pat.

Horace said...

“Nonsense” and “silly.” best describes Fr. Pat's idea

Anonymous said...

mel gibson is a sinner some like Maria would brand him not really Catholic as he is a womanizing racist alcholic

Anonymous said...

" Lavander Priests " nice judgemental tone exactly what jesus would say
The pope wear red prada loafers
The cardinals wear jewels and rings who are the real homos int the church ?
i would suspect Cardinal Egan as a huge fruitcake if you want to be judgemental and thats the tip of the iceburg what about the bishop in brooklyn who likes to use male escorts .............

Anonymous said...

Regarding phoniness, either you believe what the Church's magisterium teaches, or you don't. If you don't believe what the Church's magisterium teaches yet profess to be Catholic, you are a phony Catholic. Pure, objective assessment using the apostolic faith as the criterion.

And, yes, authentic Catholics are "Mass" produced, but there's nothing plastic nor artificial about them.

The cheap, assembly-line 'c'atholics are those who dissent in lock-step from all the usual and predictable doctrines and rail in unison against the "hierarchy". Yawn... nothing original about that. Oh, but they believe they are sophisticated, independent thinkers.

God is one. Truth is one. The true revealed Faith is one. Those who follow the one God, in the one Truth, revealed in the one Faith will be one, "as you are in me, Father, and as I am in you, may they also be in us." (John 17:21)

You set yourself against the one, true Church, whose hierarchical magisterium has been entrusted and authorized to teach in Christ's name... you set yourself against the one, true God.

That is the broad path that leads through the wide gate to destruction.

Anonymous said...

"either you believe what the Church's magisterium teaches, or you don't. If you don't believe what the Church's magisterium teaches yet profess to be Catholic"

It doesn't work that way--you've left out the crucial formation of conscience. Teaching is about engagement. That's an important part of being Catholic. But, don't worry--I won't label you a "phony Catholic." Maybe just a "mutant Catholic."

Anonymous said...

Can we get a yearly catechism 101 proficiency exam mandated for priests ordained 1960's-1990's? We need to through these folks some sort of life preserver to the catholic faith.

Anonymous said...

" mass produced". Items often cause a lot of pollution and exploit workers especially women and children

artisanal products - take time to be made into a fine and unique item . It's beauty is appreciated to a fine tuned eye who knows good things .

I'll take an artisanal catholic over a mass produced one