Friday, July 13, 2012

Four Decades After The Strake Jesuit Bankruptsy

A day that decades of alumni and past parents have dreamed about for years has arrived as Strake Jesuit has announced the reacquisition of the property Cambridge Court Apartments at 6500 South Gessner, which is immediately adjacent to the school’s Gessner driveway. The 7.55 acres of land was part of Jesuit’s original property when the school opened in 1961 but was lost in the school’s bankruptcy in 1971. “This purchase is an historic moment for the school,” said school president Fr. Daniel Lahart, SJ, “and we have acted on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the confidence that alumni and friends will provide us with the financial resources for this purchase and for the conversion of the property back to school use. In my tenure at Strake Jesuit alumni constantly inquire about the school buying back the property we lost in 1971.” While the property is just a portion of the land lost in 1971, it is by far the land most useful to the school at this time. "Ever since Fr. Michael Alchediak, SJ, who was then the school's president, mobilized parents and friends to help repurchase the current campus after the bankruptcy," noted Fr. Lahart, "it has always been our dream to reacquire property. This purchase, which certainly has sentimental value to generations of alumni, will also have an immediate impact on the quality of student life as soon as it is converted to school use."
Link (here) to Strake Jesuit

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