Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boston College: Gun-Toting and Pot Smoking

An Earth and Environmental Sciences professor at Boston College was suspended after allegedly threatening to bomb mining properties during a geological research trip with a number of students to a remote part of Northern Canada, according to The Boston Globe. On top of the allegations of threats,  Professor Dominic Papineau also faces charges of carrying a hunting rifle without the correct permits and possessing a small amount of marijuana, according to reports. Professor Papineau was suspended by the college pending the outcome of a criminal investigation, according to The Globe. Papineau was reportedly among a group protesting a government-led development project in the region. The professor called the charges “totally bogus” in an interview, and said they were the result of someone misinterpreting a joke that he had made.
“It’s totally bogus,” he told The Globe. “The idea of blowing up the mine, I was saying that as a joke. I was kidding. Someone misinterpreted what I said … I said a bad thing at the wrong time.” Papineau also reportedly said he had not realized the permits required to carry guns in Canada had changed since he was last in Canada.
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Anonymous said...

Liberation Theology invades the science department at Boston College.

Anonymous said...

What on earth does this have to do w/LT?

BTW, have you ever been on a college campus? I am--almost every day--and so the BC story is ho-hum.

clement said...


BC is 35 in the country and excels at everything
woop dee some of their students smoke pot maybe some in rome should take a hit as it would send more oxygen to the thinking and feeling parts of the human body