Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jesuit Antidote

When my archbishop, the late John Cardinal Krol of Philadelphia, decided to send me to Rome to study, he knew that I had graduated from a Saint Joseph's Preparatory School and Saint Joseph's College, before entering the diocesan seminary of 81. at St Charles Borromeo Seminary. A year after my ordination, he called me to his office and said,
"I am sending you to Rome to study philosophy. You will go to the Angelicum. You have had the Jesuits for eight years. It's time for an antidote."
While I am grateful to the Jesuits for eight years of high school and university education and also for six months in their novitiate, I truly found that the Angelicum was the "user friendly" university .

Link (here) to Cardinal John P. Foley's full homily


Anonymous said...

What is that star shaped badge he is wearing? Do you know?

It looks suspiciously like one I have in my possession.

Joseph Fromm said...

My guess is because, he is the current Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre,

matthew archbold said...

Can I still get a "The Hawk Will Never Die" out of you?

Joseph Fromm said...

St. Joseph's Fight Song:

"Oh When the Hawks Go flying In!!"
Sung to the tune of "When the Saints, Go Marching In"

Oh when the Hawks, go flying in,
Oh when the Hawks go flying in,
I want to be in that number,
When the Hawks go flying in.
(Repeat above)
Let's Go St. Joe!
Lets Go St. Joe!
Let's Go St. Joe!

44 said...

Cardinal Foley is a great Philly guy and a great Hawk! He is on an e-mail list I send to St. Joe's grads and I never thought he read it... until I received and e-mail from him correcting my Latin. "Requiescant" is the plural Thomas ;-)