Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Loyola Management Company

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits), a Roman Catholic priests' religious order, owns and leases large tracts of real estate property in the Chicago area on behalf of Loyola University of Chicago. These investments are held by the Loyola Management Company, while a registered lobbyist with the City of Chicago has been appointed as the firm's president, according to Jesuit tax documents. An IRS Form for the year 2009 filed by the Loyola Management Company, located on 820 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago was signed-off by Wayne Magdziarz, the principal officer. He earned a salary of $213,766/year as an employee of Loyola University.

Tax documents filed by Loyola University of Chicago disclose on pg. 24 of 61 that Magdziarz is vice president of Capital Planning for Loyola and is a registered lobbyist with the City of Chicago. The Jesuit-sponsored Catholic university paid $199,924 in 2009 for lobbyist activism on behalf of the school.

Jesuit tax documents say, "during the fiscal year 2010, the lobbying activities of the University involved contracts with legislators and their staffs at the Federal, State and City levels. These contracts through office visits, phone conversations and large gatherings were principally for purpose of goodwill and for issues related to student financial aid and tax issues at the Federal, State and City levels."

The Jesuits hired two other lobbyists, employees of Loyola University, for services rendered, including Philip Hale, vice president of Public Affairs, a registered lobbyist with U.S. Congress and Senate, and the state of Illinois; Jennifer Clark, director of Community Relations, registered with the City of Chicago.
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