Saturday, October 1, 2011

How Can Cohabitation Of Unmarried Men And Woman Improve Ones Spirituality?

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps is a full-time Roman Catholic volunteer organization affiliated with the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, that has been placing volunteers in organizations and agencies for over 50 years. And what I mean by full-time, these volunteers are people who are usually recent college graduates who will take a full-time staff position in a grassroots human service agency or inner city school or any place that works with people in need.

This year there are over 300 volunteers domestically in the United States and we have over 50 overseas in seven different countries. The types of agencies and organizations where we place these volunteers run the gamut.
We've got, as I said, the schools, AIDS hospices, employment services, economic development, housing, refugee services, services to developmentally challenged persons, women's services, youth work, and just about anything else that there's an agency serving a need, we have a Jesuit volunteer usually affiliated with them.

In addition to the really 40-plus hours a week of service, because again they serve as a staff person in the agencies, we also have a formation program that consists of a series of retreats and workshops that deal with not only the personal spiritual lives of the volunteers but also a reflection on their experiences,
We place them together in each location in intentional communities so that the volunteers living in a particular locale live together. They share meals.
They live in a neighborhood that’s very similar to those, the people that they're working with.
 how to process this experience of meeting the needy and the poor on a daily basis and really reflecting on the causes, what put these folks in this situation. There is a small cost to the agencies in terms of the volunteers receive room and board and health insurance just in order to live for the year. 

 Link (here) to the full speech by  Kevin O'Brien President of Jesuit Volunteer Board.


Anonymous said...

this arm of the society is a true testament to ignatian spriir of men AND women for others - its 2011 i hope in my lifetime i can visit mt priest and his wife at the rectory of a catholic church not an episcopal one said...

I totally agree with the article.