Wednesday, October 5, 2011

“Lefebvrism of the the Left” At America Magazine

This from Fr. Z at What Does Prayer Really Say?

The Jesuit run America Magazine has an article by Paul Philibert, O.P. about the “pro multis” issue. A Dominican writing for Jesuits about liturgy.  Hmmmm. I have written about this issue quite a few times.  ........He argues that people are used to the lame-duck translation, and therefore we shouldn’t change it.  
That is “Lefebvrism of the the Left”.  People are used to vices.  
People were used to the way the Mass was before the Council.  None of that made a difference back then.  The translation of “pro multis” was simply wrong. It had to be changed. He argues from the same old tired arguments about Scripture and from guesses about what Jesus really said.  Fail.  
Translation of liturgy is not the same as translation of Scripture. He  doesn’t deal with the Church’s previous explanations of why the Church says “pro multis” and not “pro omnibus” during the consecration. 
He accuses Pope Benedict of a pre-Conciliar mentality, actually being against the Second Vatican Council’s ecclesiology and he suggests that Pope Benedict doesn’t care about “evangelization”. He seems to be daunted by the possibility that he may have to explain what this means. He suggests disobedience.
Like (here) to Fr. Z's full piece entitled, America Magazine article about “pro multis” in the corrected translation.


Bad Catholic said...

You guys are assuming that the laity at Mass is actually listening and paying attention to the liturgy.

I hate to break it to you, but most of us are thinking about which restaurant we are going to for lunch and hoping that Father will hurry it up whatever he is saying at the altar.

Joseph Fromm said...

Sounds Like a good name for a blog, Good Catholic,Bad Catholic

Anonymous said...

Fr.Z really digs the hoc est corpus meum, quod pro...

Anonymous said...

In Italy the Italian bishop conference's President has asked to B16 to continue to use " to ALL" in the future here in Italy and he has been granted permission by the Pope to do what.