Sunday, October 30, 2011


Though some members of the student body have less than positive experiences to relate, some still think that the gay lifestyle is accepted at the university.
"I mean, our nickname is ‘Gayola.' That goes beyond being gay. In my mind, that means being accepting of people of all kinds and that means a lot to me," said Mackenzie McMillan, political science junior. 
McMillan chose to come to Loyola because of the community service opportunities available. After experiencing the accepting atmosphere at Loyola, he said that he finds it difficult to picture going to school anywhere else. McMillan encourages students to be themselves and to take advantage of the fact that Loyola will be one of the most accepting places they will experience in their lives. Though he is not associated with the Catholic religion, McMillan said, "Once I got to Loyola, I realized that the Jesuits embrace and love you for who you are."
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Sawyer said...

Jesuit universities accept everyone except Christ and faithful Catholics. They accept everything except orthodox Catholicism. Pretending to be Catholic when it's really not, the university's nickname ought to be "LIE-ola."

Maria said...

The verdict of human history is uniform. Sins against chastity lead to sins against charity. That is why Pope Pius XII said what he did when he canonized the young martyr St. Maria Goretti. He told the assembled audience of more than half a million in St. Peter’s Square that in the last half of the twentieth century the devil would seduce millions to abandon their Christian faith by using lustful pleasure as his demonic bait.

We could go down the whole list of the seven capital sins and see that each one is the object of the devil’s temptation. But he specializes in the first two sins of pride and lust. He deceives his victims into thinking they have the right to determine their own norms of morality, and then lures them into every form of lechery.

From pride and lust follow all the sins which the human will can commit. This, after all, is the devil’s main purpose in tempting us. He was condemned to hell for his sin of pride. He wants us to join him in his infernal paradise. Unlike the evil spirit, we have bodies whose most ecstatic pleasure comes from the use of our procreative powers. God has reserved the experience of this pleasure for the sacred precincts of matrimony. The devil has convinced whole nations to the contrary. Is it any wonder that one of the accepted definitions of “hell” in the English dictionary is “unrestrained fun or sportiveness?”

Prapy, pray, pray for the Society of Jesus:

"O God, the everlasting Creator of all things, remember that the souls of unbelievers have been created by you and formed in your own image and likeness.

"Remember that your Son Jesus endured a most painful death for their salvation. Permit not; I beseech you, Lord, that your Son should any longer be despised by unbelievers. But He appeased by the prayers of saintly men and of the Church, the spouse of your most holy Son, and be mindful of your mercy.

"Forget their idolatry and unbelief and bring it about that they, too, may some day acknowledge Him, whom you have sent, Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who is our salvation, our life and resurrection, by whom we have been saved and delivered, to whom be glory for endless ages. Amen."

St. Francis Xavier

Maria said...

First quotation from Fr. Hardon SJ.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Fr. Hardon--who is he? I've never seen his name on this blog site.

Anonymous said...

Does Maria know that Maria Goretti's canonization was meant as a subtle snub to the American GIs in Italy after the war, many of whom went awhoring? The idea was to remind young Italian women that there are other ways, something that, if Berlusconi's women are a guide, they still haven't entirely understood.

Fr. Hard-on may not be the best priest to quote about chastity, unless it's tongue in cheek.

Maria said...

"If we shall all finally be judged by our practice of charity, it is not too much to say we shall also be judged by our practice of chastity. Why? Because only the pure of heart shall see God; all others will be excluded from the marriage feast that God has prepared for those who love Him".
--John Hardon SJ

Anonymous said...

Fellow Anonymous:

I think it is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek!