Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thumbs Down For The Movie "Bridesmaids"

America the Jesuit magazine of record has just published an extremely positive review of "Bridesmaids". Bridesmaids is a revolting, lurid and ought to be categorized as soft-core p@rnography. 

An excerpt from the article.
Bridesmaids has been perhaps the biggest surprise of the early movie season, both a critical and commercial success. The film was made for around $30 million, but it has already moved past the $100 million mark in its first month of business and has set up Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig—who also co-wrote the screenplay—as a major comedic force. What’s most intriguing about “Bridesmaids” is that it seems to have single handedly redefined the “chick flick,” a heretofore derogatory term, almost always employed by male moviegoers and critics who see their masculinity threatened when a problem on screen isn’t resolved by blowing something up. “Bridesmaids” succeeds by liberally borrowing from the (up to this point) exclusively male-driven genre of the gross-out comedy and demonstrating not only that woman can be just as gross as men, but can do so while maintaining depth and intelligence as well.
Bridesmaids is a total rip-off of the old Tom Hanks movie "Bachelor Party" with plagiarized scenes from other shows and movies, for example a Brady Bunch scene was used depicting the fictitious George Glass  in this movie. This movie was so gross and morally repugnant that I can not even write about them because they are so offensive.

I want to point out the final quote of this review.
In the end, “Bridesmaids” becomes more than a summer vehicle and moves into a comedic meditation on the grace of friendship and the building of community.
This quote is a lie.

Link (here) to the full review at America.
Link (here) , (here) and (here) to more accurate descriptions of Bridesmaids.
Movie clips (here) and (here)
Link (here) to read a post by Fr. James Martin, S.J. on this specific America article.


Andrew said...

These types of movies "normalize" sinful behavior. I think society loves them so much because it makes people feel like everyone acts this way. And hey, if everyone does it, then I can't be doing anything wrong... right?

How America could praise a movie that was rated "Morally Offensive" by CNS is beyond me...

Maria said...

The piece you reference, re Bridesmaids,was written by Jake Martin SJ. The below is an excerpt from the very same Jake Martin. It can be found @ his blog called Ask Jake --Spiritual Misdirection (at least he is honest). The blog can be found at Rose Hill Magazine, the online magazine at FORDHAM UNIVERSITY.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Jake Martin gives advice to the troubled, THE RIGHTEOUS and the hungry.

Sexiled in South

Dear Jake,

My roommate's girlfriend goes to NYU, but visits very often. Sometimes she visits overnight. I feel very uncomfortable being in the same room, but it is also my room. What should I do?

- Sexiled in South

Dear Sexiled,

First things first: I believe it was Mohammed Ghandi [ed. note- Mahatma] [author’s note- whatever] who said, “Shut your cake hole and quit your damn complaining. Nobody likes a crybaby!” Truer words have ne’er been spoken.

Sexiled, perhaps if you spent a little bit less time writing letters that make you sound like a baby poopin in their pants and a little bit more time surfing Craig’s List personal ads looking for a “friendpanion” you wouldn’t have to spend your nights in bed staring at the ceiling wondering whether you’re more like Anakin or Obi-Wan (yeah that means you’re a tool) while your roommate and his girlfriend nail posters to the wall or whatever it is that they do that is making you so uncomfortable.



Anonymous said...


Peter A. said...

Re: "Ask Jake," I can only presume that Maria is unfamiliar with the literary genre known as satire and is thus unable to recognize it when she sees it. This seems the most charitable way to characterize her ojections to Mr. Martin's writing, as I'd hate to think that she (or anyone else) would question the right of Jesuits and other religious to write in a comic vein.

Stewart said...

Hay Peter A,
Satire? or Foolishness?
All of the pieces at "Ask Jake" are fictional fabrications by Jake Martin, S.J. One could easily construe that Jake may not be suited for a lifetime of Jesuit participation.

Maria said...

Oh, satire. Right.