Thursday, October 13, 2011

America Magazine Promotes Open Rebellion In The Church

While participating in the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in lower Manhattan, I have begun to wonder what would happen if Catholics took this model and applied it to their passion for and grievances with their own church. Imagine a group of Catholics whose deep care for the future of their church is matched by their sense of responsibility to name, protest and change what is intolerable about that church today: in the form of nonviolent physical occupation of spaces, in the form -- necessarily imperfect and unruly -- of democratic organization, in the form of continued open-ended articulations of visions of a different Catholic Church, without prematurely forcing the movement to take on a specific agenda. And yes, in the form of consciousness-raising and of direct action. This would be the Catholic version of the Arab Spring, to combat the long Catholic Winter.
Link (here) to rest of this disgusting article/blogpost/editorial by Fordham Religious Professor Tom Beaudoin at America's In All Things


Fidelis said...

Obedience is central to the mission and union of the Society of Jesus and a special
bond of obedience links the Society to the Holy Father, “the successor of St. Peter and vicar
of Christ on earth” as St. Ignatius was accustomed to call him. Therefore, the Society must
constantly deepen and renew its life of obedience.

A portion of Decree 4 of the General Council 35

Tim Ready and Tom Beaudoin should be fired for scandalizing every Jesuit with this poison pen.

Tom Piatak said...

Perhaps the worst thing I have ever read over there. To think that, not long ago, Fordham was the home of giants like Avery Cardinal Dulles and Father Francis Canavan. Too bad Dulles and Canavan are no longer with us; I would have greatly enjoyed reading their response to this drivel.

Anonymous said...

Dulles died before the priest scandal really hit the fan
what would ignatius do about the shortage of priests and the inequality of women in the church ?
surely xavier would have welcomed diversity in the church as he did so in the Far East . Both were progressive we need that in the church . Have you seen the pews ? i fall asleep at mass sometimes the priest is so old boring and has no clue as to how promote social justice through new media. When i see how many cardinals and bishops hide their fat stomachs behind their robes and do nothing for the poor starving child yet worry about two people of the same sex marrying ( most likely the organist and choir director of a catholic church) WAKE UP ROME
GO RAMS ! thankfully it is a professor at Fordham

Anonymous said...

Not once did the first "Anonymous" mention God and faith. The Jesuits are hypocrites when they divorce faith from their actions and when they promote active dissent, they put souls at risk. I don't want to be hungry but I sure would like to meet Jesus. If I had to choose between the two, I'd pick Jesus and so you would hope would the Jesuits, those they employ and those who write for their magazines! The kingdom of heaven will have fat cardinals as well as homosexuals but they get there from their faith not how they look. Living the faith makes demands - Ignatius and his peers would have preached that as much as they would respect diversity. Everyone is a child of God. God makes demands even on Jesuits.

Frank Gibbons said...

The first "Anonymous" wrote -- "Dulles died before the priest scandal really hit the fan. . Avery Dulles died in 2008. The priest scandal broke wide open in 2002. You just can't make things up, my friend. For example, "How many cardinals and bishops hide their fat bellies and do nothing for the poor starving child... " Why don't you tell us how many? Tell us what data you used to conclude that they don't help starving children? Publish this data along with your name. Be courageous like Ignatius and Xavier who never hid in anonymity.

Anonymous said...

The Church d/n=the hierarchy!

I've stopped giving to the annual fund and the collection plate--only $$ to very specific causes (e.g., the Catholic Worker, my Jesuit h.s.).

--Anoy. (but not the Rams fan!)

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 3 are parodies.

"[T]he priest is so old and boring and has no clue as to how promote social justice through new media."

"What would Ignatius do about . . . the inequality of women in the Church?"

Words escape me.

Anonymous said...

A response from an actual Jesuit:

Anonymous said...

I checked--he's was also a lawyer for Standard Oil!