Friday, December 10, 2010

Treason And Tyranny Alike Are Sins Against God And Crimes Against Society.

When in 1846 the French Minister Adolphe Thiers publicly attacked the education of the Jesuits on similar grounds, six hundred former pupils of the Jesuits, who then held high positions in the administration, in literary and industrial circles, came forth with the solemn declaration: 
Jules Ferry
"Our Jesuit professors taught us, that God and His religion have to enlighten man's intellect and guide his conscience; that all men are equal before God and before the law which is an expression of God's will; that the public powers are for the nations, not the nations for the public powers; that every one has the sacred duty to make all sacrifices, even that of property and life, for the welfare of the country; that treason and tyranny alike are sins against God and crimes against society. Would that all France knew that this calumniated education is solid and truly Catholic, and that we, by learning to unite our Catholic faith with patriotism, have become better citizens, and more genuine friends of our liberties."
In 1879, Jules Ferry introduced new laws to suppress the Jesuit schools. In the Revue des Deux Mondes (1880), Albert Duruy asked Ferry whether the Jesuit pupils had less bravely fought against the Germans in the war of 1870, or whether more Jesuit pupils had taken part in the Commune; whether especially the ninety pupils of the one Jesuit school in Rue des Postes, Paris, who had fallen in the battles of that war, had been bad citizens, devoid of patriotism ? The same question may be asked in every country where Jesuits are engaged in educating youth: Have Jesuit pupils ever shown less patriotism, less heroism, less self-sacrifice for their country than pupils of secular institutions?
Link (here) to the book entitled, Jesuit Education


TonyD said...

In light of current understanding, the contents of that "solemn declaration" are absurd.

I wonder if it really represents what the Jesuits taught, or if the declaration was just an effort to protect them.

Teresa said...

Interesting post! Treason and tyranny must be fought against boldly.