Saturday, December 18, 2010

Boston College Students Promote Adultry And Licentiousness

Recently, a series of Letters to the Editor appeared in The Heights, the independent student newspaper of Boston College, in response to an event organized by Boston College Students for Sexual Health (BCSSH) to provide c@ndoms, s@xual health information, and other resources to students. This event was organized off-campus on public sidewalks highly trafficked by students. 
During the c@ndom distribution, a Jesuit priest and Resident Minister in a freshman dormitory engaged with volunteers, expressing his beliefs about condoms as an irresponsible and irrational means of protecting oneself and one's partner as well as making comments that condoms are degrading to all people. 
The student at the table that day, Lindsey Hennawi, and Executive Board member of BCSSH decided to write a Letter to the Editor about the incident. Rev. Chris Collins, the Jesuit priest, responded.
Link (here) to an uber-leftist secular site called Amplify


TonyD said...

The Boston College Student Group(BCSSH) complains:

“Because BCSSH promotes condom use and advocates against certain university policies (such as the ban on sexual activity in residence halls), BCSSH is unable to register as a club, barring it from holding events on campus, receiving university funds, or posting flyers or any other form of publicity.”

This is an opportunity to teach Catholic values. “Love your neighbor” requires that the University support the non-Catholic values of the student group. In doing so, the University would be both teaching Catholic values and obeying God’s will.

Perhaps, over time, the Student Group would learn to ask itself how much it can do to support the values of the University, rather than look for “standard practice” at other universities or look for some “objective” definition of “fair”. Such a change would reflect the genuine success of Catholic teaching.

Anonymous said...

TonyD, you are so full of it and so misguided regarding truth, holiness and spirituality that your posts have become laughable as nearly parodies of themselves. Should Boston College support a pro-abortion student club as well? To support student clubs whose moral or philosophical agendas are contrary to the truth of Catholic faith is to undermine the mission and identity of a Catholic school as a witness to the truth. I will add that for a Catholic school to employ teachers who undermine Catholic faith is also contrary to the mission and identity of a Catholic school. Read "Ex Corde Ecclesiae" by Pope John Paul II.

TonyD said...

There are basic truths and there are interpretations. If you only hear interpretations, then you do not hear the basic truth. This puts your “salvation” at risk. Stated another way, your “works”, “fruits”, and “intentions” cannot reflect a faith in the truth, since they are based on an interpretation.

No Church possesses the ability to absolve “sin” or escape “hell”. So, while God may choose to use a person or organization to that end for a particular purpose, it will typically undermine the goal of “perfection of the soul” so it is done only at great cost.

A misinterpretation of God’s desire for traditional marriage is “oppose same sex marriage”. It is up to each of us to choose our values, and the resulting intentions, words, and works. Ones choice correctly reflects one’s values and judgment. A basic truth is “love your neighbor”.

So a true Catholic must support a neighbor who holds different values. And a true Catholic would not be undermining their own values by that support – they would be following God’s commandment. And a Catholic school would do well to hire anyone who can teach such values.