Saturday, December 18, 2010

Marquette Consultant

The battleground for this engagement on the merits of Le@bian-G@-Bis@xual-Transg@nderness is, of course, Marquette University. Still reeling from the tasty scandal where the university decided not to hire someone whose ideals conflict with the school’s own mission, another interesting flower has sprung up. As reported in the Warrior blog (, Vice President of Student Affairs Chris Miller invited lesbian activist Ronni Sanlo Ed.D. as a “consultant” for an on-campus meeting October 28 and 29. If you haven’t heard of this, you’re not alone; apparently no one did. A search for Sanlo’s name brought up no results on the Marquette web page, and the invitation e-mails obtained by Warrior staff were sent to a very narrow selection of people. Furthermore, there is no mention of Sanlo’s visit in the Marquette University News Briefs, though the invitations to attend her meetings were sent out weeks before. The implication is that we hoi polloi were not welcome to attend and support Sanlo’s message, or to question its relevance to our own experience, or even to be aware that one of the “20 Powerful Lesbian Academics” named by Rachel Pepper, coordinator of LG/T studies at Yale, was visiting our humble campus with us in mind.
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