Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Darkness At Fairfield University

In the latest development, the defense team for convicted pedophile, Douglas Perlitz, is attempting to lessen the sentence by claiming, according to the court document , that Mr. Perlitz's ten year abuse of street boys in Haiti he raised monies to school and shelter was due to his struggles with h@mosexuality and the fact he was a victim of "a dark and abusive relationship," he developed with a Jesuit priest at Fairfield University shortly after his arrival on campus in 1988. (Defendant Perlitz motion to reduce sentence ; Attorneys say Perlitz victim of "abusive" relationship with priest ; Defense Claims Fairfield Priest Abused Perlitz ; Fr. Paul Carrier, S.J. Near The End Of The Line.)

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Anonymous said...

The sentencing papers make reference to a "personal statement" made by Doug Perlitz.

In this statement, Perlitz describes in detail his relationship with Fr Carrier.

I, for one, would like to see a copy of that document.