Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Regis Jesuit Student Investment Up In Smoke

Police say one student from Regis Jesuit High School and one from Cherry Creek High are believed to have lost an undisclosed amount of money after investing into a medical marijuana center in Denver. Monday night, the Cherry Creek School District e-mailed a special bulletin from the Denver Police Department to parents. Regis Jesuit says it just learned on Tuesday afternoon of one of their student's involvement. Police reports the transactions were alleged to have taken place in Denver, not on either high school property. Police say they are still attempting to locate the person who approached the students. . John White with the Denver Police Department said, "This type of scam really is unusual in that you have juveniles involved, whereas we ordinarily see a more sophisticated investor." White says, however, it's easy to see how the students were duped. "You can see a situation where they would believe that this is legitimate, and they would believe they could see a big return on this money," White said. To add to that facade of legitimacy, they say the students were given an actual medical marijuana center location that police won't disclose at this time. There's no word yet as to if the location was really connected to the scam. 

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