Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doug Perlitz Claims "A Dark And Abusive Relationship" With Jesuit Starting In 1988 At Fairfield University

Douglas Perlitz's descent into s@xually abusing homeless Haitian street boys he set out to help is linked to "a dark and abusive relationship," both "physical and spiritual," that he developed with a Fairfield University priest shortly after his arrival on campus in 1988, according to a document filed by his lawyers....... 
Perlitz's relationship with priest continued "for many years, including during all of his work in Haiti." The New Haven lawyer said Perlitz's first exposure to Haiti came as a Fairfield University student. "He traveled with a campus group (including the priest) for a 10-day project, working in the community," the lawyer noted....
As money flowed in through donations given by the Fairfield University and wealthy Fairfield and Westchester County Catholics, the program grew into Project Pierre Toussaint. It employed 35 people and provided for over 200 kids. "Doug was elevated and lauded by supporters of the program, as well as by the priest who had been such an integral part of his life since his earliest days at Fairfield," Grudberg wrote. "He had remained intertwined in Doug's life following his graduation and played a major role in PPT as well." One priest who played a key role in Perlitz's life from his days at Fairfield through his years in Haiti was the Rev. Paul Carrier, who served as the university's director of campus ministry and chaplain for 18 years.
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Anonymous said...

It is one thing to blame childhood abuse for future actions. It is another when the "abuse" happened when you were a college student or will the meaning of "adulthood" now be legally and psychologically shifted. Mr. Perlitz made choices. One could easily say that his relationship with the priest was his choice. What real power does a chaplain at a university have over someone? Having gone to a Jesuit University in the 1980s, few participated in campus ministry. I find this line of defense truly unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Paul Carrier had a sexual relationship with Doug Perlitz. A federal investigator has confirmed that fact.

I am nearly certain that this is not the only young man with whom he had such a relationship.

Fr. Carrier lived apart from the Jesuit community in his own house. I imagine this is the reason why.

Fr. Paul Carrier is a disgrace to the Society. That does not, however, absolve Doug Perlitz from what he did - groom young boys so they would be receptive to his advances, told them he would revoke all the benefits he had showered on them unless he had sex with them, and then had sex with these young boys.

Nothing can detract from this fact.